Staying in Meursault

Stay and weekend in Burgundy, at Meursault

Situated on the Route des Grands Crus in the vineyards of Burgundy, in the département of Côte-d'Or and the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, Meursault is a destination that attracts lovers of wine and heritage.

With its name evoking prestigious wines, Meursault is an idyllic village for wine lovers wishing to stay or spend a weekend in a castle in Burgundy. 

Meursault, a picturesque village in the heart of the vineyards

A reputed winemaking commune in Burgundy, Meursault is a charming village, just right for relaxation and discovery during a longer stay or just a weekend. Nestling in the midst of the vines, the village owes its fame to the quality of its wines, essentially white and from the Chardonnay grape variety, but also to its local heritage. 

The Saint Nicolas church, the Château de la Velle, the Château de Meursault, the Château de Cîteaux, the Hôtel de Ville town hall, the old Léproserie leper hospital,... Meursault has lovely things to discover in Burgundy.Other architectural treasures may be visited just a few kilometers from the village: the Hospices de Beaune, the collegiate basilica of Notre Dame de Beaune, the  Palais des Ducs and the museum in Dijon, the ancient amphitheatre of the town of Autun, the Gallo-Roman site of Mont-Beuvray and Bibracte as well as different castles : the Château de Pommard (visit and wine tasting), the Château de Marguerite de Bourgogne in Couches (events), the Château de La Rochepot (visit)...


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The Château de Cîteaux

It is necessary to go back to 1098 to discover the origins of the Château de Cîteaux, when the abbot Robert de Molesme decided to build an abbey in Cîteaux. Until the French Revolution, the running of the domain was by lay brother monks.

The winemaking activity still continues today, thanks to the “Vieux Clos” vineyard surrounding the château. The Cistercian cellars of the château are the oldest in Burgundy, with a surface area of more than 600 m2 are ideal for vinification.

Grapes and barrel

The wines of Meursault

Internationally renowned for the quality of its wines, Meursault invites you to taste its great wines of Burgundy in many different ways. At a restaurant table, while meandering along the Route des Grands Crus or while visiting cellars with the winemakers, each tasting offers you a unique journey in the heart of Burgundy. 


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Based on Meursault, the possibilities for visits, wine tastings and exceptional heritage discoveries are immense