A return to nature 

The La Cueillette® natural cosmetics

As well as being at the origin of the unique Fruitithérapie® concept, epitomised by its specific body care and treatments, the proprietor of the Château de Cîteaux - La Cueillette® has created a range of cosmetics for face and body.

Jean Garnier presents you with a complete range of “La Cueillette®” cosmetics, natural and richly indulgent. 

For the face
and body

The benefits of Fruitithérapie®

Specific formulations have been created and perfected, linking all the anti-oxidising properties of small red fruits with the “topical products” recognised today as being the most active.

Make-up removal milk and cleanser based on blackcurrant and red grapevine; a tonic and cleansing lotion, with myrtle-berry, raspberry and cherry; gentle grapeseed exfoliating scrub; shower gel ‘Tentation Sucrée à la Fleur de Vigne’, using vine flower; slimming and cleansing gel, with red grapevine, raspberry, blackcurrant, … just a few mouth-watering examples.


A high-performance range

For our serum, a hyaluronic acid with very high molecular weight has been used, allowing record-level skin hydration.

For our anti-ageing and Éclat du Jour care, we use a medium weight molecule of hyaluronic acid for good hydration but also to reinforce skin protection and defence systems. 

body care

Cosmetics that are 100% natural

The other classic ingredients used in cosmetology are 100% natural, without preservatives or paraben: organic rose water, karite and hazelnut butters, organic grapeseed oil… 

The rich structure of our products allows great comfort of usage throughout the day. The natural aromas developed around the theme of small red fruits make them a particularly rich and indulgent range. 

Beauty and

On sale at the Spa boutique and at hotel reception.